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Teachers Favorite Things 20-21 pg 4

Hilger – 4th Grade

Snacks: M&M’s, Skittles, Reese’s, Jelly Beans, Swedish Fish, Flavored Tootsie Rolls, Dried Fruit, Trail Mix, Carrot Cake, Chips, Granola Bars

Drinks: Coffee, Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (hot or iced), Gatorade, Flavored Sparkling Water

Restaurant:  Portillo’s, Subway, Panera, Red Robin

School Supplies: Colorful Pens, a new stapler, any kind of tape, sharpies, binder clips


Hilliger – Media Center

Snacks: Skor, Snickers, Chips, Vegetable Chips

Drinks: Unsweetened Iced Tea

Restaurants: Portillo’s, Panera, Chili’s

School Supplies: Colorful pens


Horn – Teaching Assistant

Snacks: Snickers, Twizzlers, Milky Way, Popcorn, Fruit, veggies, goldfish

Drinks: Cherry Pepsi, Hot Chocolate

Restaurants: Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera Bread, Texas Road House

School Supplies: Multi-colored pens and post-its

Gift Cards: Amazon, Michaels, Joann Fabric


Howard – Teaching Assistant

Snacks: Pay Day, Sour patch, caramel apple suckers, smart pop, fruit

Drinks: Ice Coffee (Caramel/pumpkin), Pepsi, Dr Pepper

Restaurant: Hooters, Fridays, Longhorn, Olive Garden, Panera, Coopers Hawk

Supplies: Flair Pens

Gift Cards: Starbucks, Dunkin’, Target, Amazon, Panera


Jachowicz – Music Teacher

Snacks: Orit Gum, Jelly Bellies, Cashews, Almonds

Drinks: Water, Sugar Free Energy Drinks

Restaurants: Potbelly, Chipotle, Panda Express, Cheesecake Factory, Any Thai Food


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