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Teachers Favorite Things 20-21 pg 13

Waldorf – 1st Grade

Snacks: Godiva Chocolate (White or Milk Chocolate)

Drinks: Iced Tea (unsweetened), Vanilla Late w/2 sugars

Restaurants:  Starbucks, Cooper’s Hawk


Wegrzyniak – 1st Grade

Snacks: Reese’s, Popcorn, Pretzels, Trail Mix

Drinks: Coffee, Iced Tea, Coca Cola/Pepsi

Restaurants: Chipotle, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts

School Supplies: Post-it notes, Fun pens


Wilson – Teaching Assistant

Snacks: Red Starburst, Teddy Grahams

Drinks: Coffee w/Soy Milk, Tea latte, Fiji Water

Restaurants: Olive Garden, Panera

School Supplies: Pencils

Gift Cards: Amazon


Wold – Kindergarten

Snacks: Nerds, Sour punch straws, Cheez its

Drinks: Coffee & Sprite

Restaurants: Chili’s

Supplies: Pens

Gift Cards: Barns & Nobel, Target, Amazon, TJ Maxx


Yates – 3rd Grade

Snacks:  Hu Chocolate Bars (Peter Rubi), Potato Chips- Plain sea salt

Drinks: Water, Black Coffee w/ a splash of honey, Plain Iced Tea

Restaurants: Crusade, Tap House, Chipotle

School Supplies, Mr. Sketch, Stick tabs for dividing notebooks, Composition notebooks, pink erasers

Gift Cards: Target, Teachers Pay Teachers


Zymali – Occupational Therapist

Snacks: Hershey’s or any chocolate, Almonds

Drinks: Coffee

Restaurants: Chipotle

School Supplies: Construction paper, glue

Gift Cards: Dunkin’

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