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Position Room # Name
Principal  Main Office Harej, Kyle
Assistant Principal Main Office Napolski, Kimberly
Special Education Administrator Main Office Hennegan, Jeni
Principal Secretary Main   Office Williams, Catherine
Assistant Principal Secretary Main   Office Baker, Lynne
Office Clerk Main   Office Ulaszek, Tiffany
School Nurse Main   Office Briseno, Angela
District Certified Nurse   LeFevers, Amy
Kindergarten Teacher 105 Swanson, Christine
Kindergarten Teacher 106 Anastopoulos, Annette
Kingergarten Teacher 107 Gerdich, Kimberly
1st Grade Teacher 109 Mieher, Sarah
1st Grade Teacher 110 Blubaugh, Meredith
1st Grade Teacher 120 Sesta, Kim
1st Grade Teacher 121 Joutras, Juell
2nd Grade Teacher 122 Marquez, Olga
2nd Grade Teacher 124 Waldorf, Lindsey
2nd Grade Teacher 125 Lowry, Michelle
3rd Grade Teacher 113 Robbins, Carissa
3rd Grade Teacher 114 Ulber, Grace
3rd Grade Teacher 116 Ongenae, Katie
3rd Grade Honors Teacher 117 Sohovich, Robin
4th Grade Teacher 202 Silva, Nicole
4th Grade Honors Teacher 203 Hilger, Laura
4th Grade Teacher 204 Yates, Elyse
4th Grade Teacher 205 Bruno, Kris
4th Grade Teacher 209 Sorg, Amanda
5th Grade Teacher 214 Cerny, Jeff
5th Grade Teacher 215 Arms, Christina
5th Grade Teacher 216 Velazquez, Dina
5th Grade Honors Teacher 217 Daniell, Jacqueline
Bases Teacher 111 Gammon, Jodie
Bases Teacher 118 Lally, Shannon
Bases TA   Damm, Amber
Bases TA    
Bases TA   Shiner, Victoria
Bases TA   Hopson, Kelly
Bases TA   Farrell, Kena
Art 103 Downing, Sylvia
Music 101 Jachowicz, Jennifer
P.E. and Health Teacher Multi Purpose Room Luoma, Jeffrey
P.E. and Health Teacher Multi Purpose Room Larsson, Ulf
P.E. and Health Teacher Multi Purpose Room    Murray, Ryan
Media Specialist Media Center Gilbert, Sarah
Media Specialist Media Center Hilliger, Cindy
Special Education Teacher 110 Strabel, Emily
Special Education Teacher 115 Moore, Candace
Special Education Teacher 210 Brinkman, Jacqueline
Special Education Teacher 211 Beasley, Karra
Special Education Teacher TA   Horn, Kathleen
Special Education Teacher TA   Hetzer, Michele
Special Education Teacher TA   Estes, Anette
Special Education Teacher TA   Stennett, McKenzie
Special Education Teacher TA   Sugg, Wendy
ELL/TPI Teacher 206 Vitas, Stacy
ELL/TPI Teacher 209 Hernandez, Dolores
Reading Specialist 138 Planinsek, Elene
Reading Specialist 138 Tegtmeyer, Susan
Title 1 Interventionist 138 Paul, Jillian
Title 1 Interventionist 138 Gagliano, Courtney
Learning Specialist 126 Weber, Meaghan
Reading Recovery Coach 138

Sorg, Kimmi

Social Work 127 Bochenczak, Dan
Social Work 133 Amoni, Christine
BASES Social Work 135  
Speech Pathologist 104 Fino, Kelly
Speech Pathologist 201 Bell, Allison
Occupational Therapist 129 Zymali, Erin
Psychologists Main Office Carter, Candace
Permanent Building Sub Main Office Misckovic, Wendy
Permanent Building Sub Main Office Sabbia, Paula
Homebound Tutoring 207 Woolwine, Mark
Lunchroom Supervisor   Callender, Rebecca
Lunchroom Supervisor   Galdamez, Rita
Lunchroom Supervisor   Hooey, Susan
Lunchroom Supervisor    
Lunchroom Supervisor   Jans, Melissa
Lunchroom Supervisor   Presbrey, Kristy
Lunchroom Supervisor   Wowczuk, Cara
Head Custodian Main Office Piper, Don
Custodian Main Office Van, Kimberly
Custodian Main Office Guzman, Genaro
Custodian Main Office  
Aramark   815-436-6270
Ridge PTO   Ridge PTO


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